Edgar-Services.com is a Full-Service Registered SEC EDGAR Filing Agent and Service Bureau - the most trusted, reliable EDGAR filing service in the U.S. for XBRL tagging, Detailed Tagging, HTML EDGAR and other SEC filings. We satisfy SEC reporting requirements. EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, Retrieval) conversion is our specialty. We are an extremely cost-effective and inexpensive low cost XBRL tagging and XBRL filing service. We convert electronic and paper documents into the SECís EDGAR standard format and file them according to the EDGAR rules. We do EDGAR conversions and filings in ASCII, HTML, XBRL and XML formats. Includes MS Word, Excel, WordPerfect, ASCII, Notepad, RTF, PDF, QuarkXpress, InDesign, FrameMaker, etc. Scan/OCR paper copy to EDGAR ASCII and/or HTML format. Prepare and file all EDGAR form types. XBRL Tagging Services: We can provide XBRL-tagged interactive financial data exhibits to go along with your 10-Q and 10-K filings. SEC EDGAR FILING SERVICE BUREAU: A full service SEC EDGAR filing agent providing a complete range of electronic document conversion (EDGARizing) and filing solutions for public companies and individuals that need to file with the EDGAR system. Conversion of electronic documents to compliant EDGAR I & II (ASCII & HTML) formats for all SEC forms including: Reports (10-Q, 10-K, 6-K, 8-K, N-PX); Registrations (S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-6, S-8, 424, 20-F, N-2); Proxies (14A, 14C); Form 3, 4 and 5 with same day filing service included; Form 144, 13D and 13G; Form 13F and N-SAR; Form 13-H; Transfer Agents: Form TA-1, TA-2 and TA-W filing (EDGARlite); Need to EDGARize only part of an EDGAR project? We're flexible and can customize our service based on your specific requirements. Whether you prefer to have all of your documents EDGARized, or just specific projects or pages converted, we' re available to assist you. EX-101 exhibits are XBRL exhibits.
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